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Mobile sitem.facebook.com
Desktop AppWindows
iOS AppApp Store
Android AppPlay Store
Private launchFebruary 4, 2004
Public launchSeptember 26, 2006
Profit modelTemplate:Category

Facebook is an Template:Category Template:Category and Template:Category Template:Category run by Facebook, Inc, an American for-profit company. The company also publishes various non-communication products related to Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and web software development.

Facebook can be accessed with a web browser via their Template:Category or Template:Category. The company also publishes a Template:Category and various Template:Category. While there are a small number of Template:Category, the service is intentionally and primarily Template:Category, with access to a small subset of functionality via an Template:Category.

The primary mode of interaction begins with Template:Category writing Template:Category Template:Category. These posts have an associated Template:Category setting that can be Template:Category, Template:Category, or Template:Category, with optional Template:Category configured by the user or per-post, with the default privacy level Template:Category. Posts are visible on the user's Template:Category to anyone matching the post's privacy setting. Posts also possibly appear in other users' Template:Category depending on those users' Template:Category and either Facebook's proprietary Template:Category or Template:Category.